FP Markets Account Types Reviewed (Updated 2024)

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In 2024, FP Markets continues to be a prominent name in the world of Forex trading. This review provides an updated and detailed analysis of the various account types offered by FP Markets, helping traders navigate their choices more effectively.

FP Markets: An Overview

Company Background: A brief introduction to FP Markets, its history, and evolution in the Forex and CFD trading industry.Service Spectrum: Overview of FP Markets’ offerings, setting the context for an in-depth review of its account types.

Diverse Account Types at FP Markets

  • Standard Account: Analysis of the Standard Account, focusing on its features, spreads, and suitability for new or casual traders.

  • Raw Account: Examination of the Raw Account, highlighting its lower spreads, commission structure, and appeal to more experienced traders.

  • Iress Account Types: A comprehensive look at the Iress Accounts, designed for professional traders with specific trading needs and preferences.

Features and Specifications of Each Account

  • Leverage and Margin Requirements: Detailed discussion on the leverage options and margin requirements for each account type.

  • Trading Instruments and Access: Overview of the trading instruments available with each account, assessing their range and accessibility.

Account Opening and Management

  • Registration Process: Step-by-step guide on how to open an account with FP Markets.

  • Account Management and Maintenance: Insights into the ease of managing and maintaining an FP Markets account.

Pros and Cons of Each Account Type

  • Advantages: Highlighting the benefits and unique selling points of each account type.

  • Drawbacks: Identifying potential limitations or downsides for traders considering each account type.

Pricing Structure: Fees and Commissions

  • Transparent Fees: Analysis of the fee structure for each account, focusing on spreads, commissions, and any hidden costs.

  • Competitive Pricing: Evaluation of FP Markets’ pricing in comparison with industry standards and competitors.

Customization and Personalization Options

  • Tailoring Your Account: Review of how FP Markets allows customization and personalization of accounts to suit individual trading strategies.

  • Flexibility for Traders: Assessment of the flexibility offered by each account type to cater to different trading styles and levels of activity.

Platform Integration and Technology

  • Trading Platforms Compatibility: Analysis of the compatibility of each account type with FP Markets’ trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4/5 and Iress.

  • Technological Features: Exploration of the technological features and tools available to traders using different account types.

Support and Educational Resources

  • Customer Support Quality: Evaluation of the customer support services specific to each account type.

  • Educational Offerings: Assessment of the educational resources and tools available to traders across different account types.

Risk Management Tools and Features

  • Tools Availability: Overview of the risk management tools provided with each account type.

  • Effectiveness for Traders: Analysis of the effectiveness and utility of these tools in managing trading risks.

User Reviews and Market Reputation

  • Customer Feedback: Compilation of user reviews and feedback for each account type, offering insights into real user experiences.

  • Market Perception: Evaluation of FP Markets’ reputation in the market based on the experiences of users of its various account types.


FP Markets, in 2024, offers a diverse range of account types to cater to the varied needs of Forex traders. This review provides a comprehensive analysis of each account type, considering features, pricing, support, and user feedback. While each account has its distinct advantages, traders should consider their individual needs and trading goals when selecting the most suitable account type with FP Markets.

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