What is the deposit bonus for ThinkMarkets?

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ThinkMarkets, a notable player in the online trading sphere, is attracting new clients through an intriguing offer centered around cryptocurrency deposits. This promotional campaign provides a significant incentive for traders interested in using digital currencies for their transactions.

Overview of the Bonus

The current deposit bonus offer by ThinkMarkets awards a 2.5% bonus on cryptocurrency deposits. This bonus is tailored specifically for new clients who are looking to enhance their trading capabilities through additional funds.

Eligibility and Deposit Details

To be eligible for this bonus, traders need to make a minimum deposit of $2,000 USD. The acceptable forms of cryptocurrency for this deposit include USDT (ERC20 and TRC20), Bitcoin, USDC (ERC20), and Binance USD (ERC20). This inclusivity of multiple cryptocurrencies provides flexibility for clients in terms of their preferred digital currencies.

Maximum Bonus and Withdrawal Conditions

The maximum bonus that can be earned through this promotion is $10,000 USD, which presents a substantial boost to a trader's investment capacity. However, to withdraw the bonus, clients must fulfill specific volume trading conditions set by ThinkMarkets. These conditions are designed to encourage trading activity and ensure that the bonus serves its purpose of enhancing trading operations.


This promotional offer by ThinkMarkets reflects its commitment to integrating modern financial technologies, such as cryptocurrencies, into traditional trading frameworks. By offering such a bonus, ThinkMarkets not only incentivizes the use of digital currencies but also enhances its appeal to a broader spectrum of traders, especially those keen on leveraging cryptocurrencies.

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